My new book, “How do I get over it?: A practical guide to letting go of the past” is here!!!!

Wanna know the secret to forgiveness?

The secret to forgiveness is…

That it has NOTHING to do with forgiveness!

Learn to CHUCK forgiveness out the window for good.

In my new book, “How do I get over it: A practical Guide to Letting Go of the Past”, I share my journey with healing and moving forward and how to do it.

NO frills or fluff.

As a survivor of a religious cult for many years, along with being a refugee of a traumatic childhood, I had reached a crossroads in my life post-30….

The choice was clear: either I let go of the past or it was going to kill me-emotionally, psychologically, and physically!

I was SO depressed! I was suicidal and after losing my religion, life seemed not worth living….

But it was. And if I can begin making sense of the madness and figuring it out, you can, too.

The problem is our society is intolerant of the “meantime, imbetween time” that’s necessary to “forgive”.

They (media, friends, family) want you to just “get over it”.

But it ain’t that easy….. But it IS possible.

NOT the church’s way. NOT the bible’s way, NOT your family’s way…and NOT even Oprah’s or Dr. Oz’s way…

This book is about what it takes to truly “get over it” and move forward for REAL people in the REAL world.

The book is 2.99 for a pdf download. Contact me at and put “Get over it” in the header. You will receive an automated message with the dowmload.

Please let me know what you think.


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